Lady Gaga’s Hair Tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer

this tribute I held the tears back but couldn’t. everybody should be equal no matter the sexuality!

Love you Mother Monster and RIP Jamey Rodemeyer

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September 22, 2011 ~I’m Bisexual: My first experience~

Confession 1:

I am bisexual.

I am an 23 year old woman now. There has been plenty of times that I questioned my sexuality. At first, like everyone, I thought it was a phase that most women go through. Look back at it, I thought wrong. It went all back to my first bisexual experience…

It was November 2007 and I was being ready to be sworn into the United States Army. It was the night before I had to go to the MEPS station (Military Enlistment Processing Station) the next morning. There were a group of people just like me standing around, they were entering the military as well, but some of them were enlisting in the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and not Just Army like I was. 

Then we were finally told what our roommates were. Mine was about a few inches taller then me, with a short military hair cut and thin glasses. I could definitely tell she was still a female though. After dinner was done, we have returned to our designated hotel room. (DADT “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy was still intact at the time, just to let you know) It’s sad that I don’t remember that female’s name but I’ll try my best to explain. She had light blonde short hair and blue eyes. She was one of the tomboyish types, like me. We started talking about our future careers and what we were going to do with our lives.

At that time, I started to think about her appearance and I had my first wave of attraction to the same sex. It was weird at first but I shook it off. Then for a little bit, we watched a little tv. All of an sudden we started to talk about Sexuality. She told me that she was bisexual. When we got bored, she has a deck of cards and she told me to play a card game with her. I was like ok, I’ll play.

She told me the rules… if the 5 cards i have in my hand beat the ones in her hand… (like in poker) I have to tell her what she has to do, like truth or dare, but with dare only. It also worked vice versa. I thought about it and I started to get really curious.

My hand actually beat hers. She asked me what I wanted her to do…

I told her this “I never kissed a girl before, and I was always curious to see what it felt like. Would you give me my first kiss experience with a female?”

She paused for a second. Then she told me “Alright.” She pushed my bangs behind my ears gently and I felt her hand come to the side of my face, like a lover would do. She put her soft lips against mine as we started to kiss. I was the first one to open my mouth to invite her in.

We made out about 3 minutes straight. To tell you the truth, I loved it. Katy Perry may kissed a girl and liked it, but i loved it in some way. (that song was way after that time)

We went to sleep later on that night and after 2 days I never got to see her again.

There were females and males I kept my eye on for friendship and secretly love.

That was my very first experience with a female and I couldn’t believe i forgotten it til a couple years later.